How to improve bowing techniques with the arm bow corrector

Arm Bow Corrector available from GDF Violins

GDF Violins announces the availability of the simple but effective abc

One of the constant challenges for the less experienced stringed orchestral instrument student is the development of accurate bowing skills. The newly developedĀ arm bow corrector (abc) has been produced to help overcome these specific challenges in a straightforward, easy to use and understand fashion.

Professor Christoph Henkel from Germany developed and patented this unique player’s aid, which is now available for the first time from GDF Violins.

“The abc is a particularly interesting bowing technique developer and is of interest to a wide variety of stringed instrument players. Even more experienced musicians can benefit from a technique fine tuning.”

Godfrey Foster, GDF Violins.

The abc helps beginners to get up and running far more quickly than may otherwise be the case as they develop that all-important straight bow technique.

The abc is available for violins, violas and cellos of varying sizes.

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