Music education at “significant” risk in secondary schools

GDF Violins. Music education at significant risk in secondary schools

Stark warning from the University of Sussex

Research into the provision of music education in secondary schools across the UK has revealed that “music in schools is at significant risk of disappearing” on the grounds that staffing levels and hours allocated are all on the wane, according to a report on the University of Sussex website.

The report quotes the University’s Senior Teaching Fellow in Education Dr Ally Daubney.

“Having warned in 2016 that performance measures and funding cuts risk making music education in school extinct, our recent research highlights that the situation is now at crisis point in many secondary schools.”

It was essential to “act now” to find ways of supporting schools and facilitating a reverse in the decline of musical educations being offered, said Dr Daubney.

The research carried out by the University of Sussex surveyed over 500 schools and discovered a number of very disturbing trends, including schools completely removing music from the curriculum for years 7, 8 and 9 and an increasing number of music teachers being required to teach outside their subject area.

A key economic driver

The Chief Executive of the Incorporated Society of Musicians Deborah Annetts is reported as responding to the report, saying

“Music is central to our cultural life, a key driver of economic growth, and gives our children the tools to navigate a fast changing digital world. We urge the Government to reverse its EBacc policy altogether to keep music in our schools.”

Music education at significant risk of disappearing as a sustained curriculum offer no longer the norm in secondary »

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