New music learning and development study announced

Link between music and improved test scores in schools

Education Endowment Foundation enables study in Teesside schools

The Tees Valley Music Service (TVMS) has been given a grant of £150,000 by the Education Endowment Foundation to enable research of the impact music can have on learning and development in schools, according to a recent report on the Gazette Live website.

The article by Bethany Lodge has revealed that approximately 60 schools in the area are being asked to participate in a study of the link between music tuition and improved test scores.

Hungarian Kodaly method

Susan Robertson, manager at TVMS is reported as saying that the study is based techniques developed by Zoltán Kodaly – a composer from Hungary who set up a system of teaching singing by using a range of hand signals. Once these skills have been acquired, the children move on to playing instruments.

Ms Robertson is quoted as saying

“We thought it would be lovely to do some research to see if singing or music had an effect on children’s attainment. The areas we are looking at are reading, social and emotional skills, and mental health and well being.”

In an ideal world, schools that participate will have two classes of year 1 children, one of which will take part and the other will not – enabling results obtained from tests carried out at the end of the year to ascertain the level of improvement attained.

Teesside schools wishing to participate are invited to contact for further information.

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