GDF announces affordable music programme for parents and teachers

GDF violins announce music teacher and parents programme

Focus on affordable music learning for schools

GDF Violins and Accessories have just launched the Opportunities Programme to help aspiring young musicians, their teachers and parents to take those all-important first steps in an affordable fashion.

It’s a completely supported programmed aimed at giving the widest opportunities to all families and to provide the associated school with a realistic and attainable goal of setting up music making and teaching arrangements.

Godfrey Foster of GDF Violins expressed his desire to support children, schools and parents when the programme was launched earlier this month.

“At GDF, we feel there is a big swathe of children of all ages and backgrounds who wish to expand their learning and social world – and parents who want to encourage them. Part of our support in this quest is to offer teachers two ranges of quality controlled orchestral stringed instruments, with which they can teach their enthusiastic youngsters. The GDF range of top quality assured, fully set up and ready to play instruments, frees teachers to do what they do best – inspiring the children and discovering the talent and skills within them.”

Violins, violas and cellos

There are two relevant ranges of instruments:-

  • Stratifie (veneered laminated)
  • Etudiant (classic solid wood spruce and maple).

These instruments are perfect to help develop keen confident playing for significant early stage progress. The Etudiant models can easily take a student through their grade III exams before they move on to an even more advanced instrument from GDF in the future.

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Affordable classical stringed intruments for children



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