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GDF Violins and Accessories – through the “f ” hole of the SonoroSempre range…

Quality control and traceability

The SonoroSempre range of orchestral stringed instruments has been carefully selected to give customers a comprehensive and dependable high quality choice of style and tone that becomes even more impressive as the instrument’s cost increases. GDF keep a meticulous record of orders to the suppliers and the consequent made to order or from their stock batches. From sale back to purchase GDF implements a conformity and traceability scheme which directly ties up each order placed. The labelling system inside the instrument contains serial numbers and tie-in information with each supplier, proving reassurance to customers. It is important to bear in mind that a wooden instrument is made of completely natural materials and some further set-up and fine tuning of adjustments may be desirable – work which is carried carried out by skilled staff prior to shipping. Upon receipt and again before sending out all instrument models are visually inspected and passed in good condition and unless specified will be dispatched ‘RTP’ (Ready To Play).

Arcofacile stringed instrument accessories

In addition to the specially selected ranges of accessories under the Arcofacile brand, GDF recently announced a collaboration with a prominent very old long established European supplier of luthier’s tooling, varnishes colours and care products from well known to the trade brands. Available will be an extensive range of parts for instruments, including the ‘Moser’ patented cello/bass bridge height and tailpiece ‘on the instrument’ adjusters and consumable accessories such as a comprehensive range of branded rosins and a complete range of replacement like-for-like branded strings for all orchestral stringed instruments and so much more ‘under one roof.’

Rapid dispatch system and free delivery

GDF are confident that around 90% of these PKV accessories for customers’ orders will be dispatched ex-stock and received within 4/6 working days on the normal carriage-free service. There is no minimum order or charge being applied. Urgent ‘next-day’ despatch service will be available at an additional charge.