All SonoroSempre orchestral stringed instruments are supplied ready to play (RTP).

The basses in the GDF range have been carefully selected to offer a complete range for players of all abilities and accomplishment from beginner and advancing student to accomplished orchestral musicians. 

The Stratifie

The Stratifie is a consistent, good quality instrument range which provides value for money at the entry level.

This veneered, laminated cello range provides a sweet sound and is highly affordable – as the result of GDF working with a single preferred supplier.

Covering all sizes and a choice of finish in 4/4 size,  these entry level models are all carefully set up RTP (Ready To Play). 

The Etudiant

This classic schools instrument range offers a number of choices, providing a compelling variety of appearance, character, specification and increasing tonal quality with price.

Very distinctive models give the buyer a really exciting selection to chose from in the the highly affordable Etudiant range.

Advanced basses

A selection of more advanced instruments from a variety of makers are on offer from GDF for these flagship bases.

At least seven individual models are available beginning with the Statifie, Etudiant and Intermediare ranges, leading to the more aspirational premier quality ranges including:-

Maitre Maestro.

Many of these models are made from European sourced tonewoods which are nonetheless available at highly competitive prices.

GDF are continually searching for exciting additional makers to be included in their list of trusted suppliers when they present interesting variations to the range – adding rich tones, colours, finishes, embelishments, styles and a high quality feel and build.

Bespoke instruments

If a higher grade with special strings for certain genres of music or soloist work is required, GDF’s elite manufacturers may well be able to supply basses to an exact specification. Please contact GDF to enquire further.

Downloadable catalogues for the GDF violin range will be available to download shortly in a one click PDF format.

The SonoroSempre bass range – wonderfully rich tones and playability are provided by these beautifully finished instruments.

All instruments across the range are supplied ready to play.

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