Arcofacile bows

Your direct connection with the instrument

The finest quality Arcofacile bows for violin, viola, cello and bass come in a wide variety of options to suit different playing styles, techniques and abilities. 

GDA supply suitable and appropriate bows with violin, viola cello and bass sets. They have also sourced a comprehensive range of options from specialist bow manufacturers – options that become increasingly important as a player progresses beyond basic techniques and abilities.

Student bows

Practical, cost effective and ready to play, allowing the budding musician to tension the hair and begin playing straight away.

All outfits in the Stratifie, Etudiant and Intermediare ranges come complete with a good quality brazilwood bow.

A viable and interesting option for students of a variety of abilities are the affordable carbon fibre bow range. This resilient accessory can represent a real improvement for a young musician.

All student sizes in this range are stocked by GDF.

Advanced bows

A range of Brazil wood Bows are available – a viable, high quality and value for money alternative material to the increasingly rare Pernambuco. The finest quality bows for higher grade professional instruments do however include the aforementioned Pernambuco.

All Arcofacile bows are assembled by skilled specialist craftsmen with years of experience.

GDF is able to supply the very top hand-made ‘Copy of the Classic Bow’ made by the very best skilled bow masters. Strictly emulated from some of the original masters – Hill, W D Watson, William Retford, Tubbs, Joseph Henry, Peccatte, Eugene Santory, Vuillaume & Millant and the finest baroque bows.

The Arcofacile range

The range in the catalogue progresses through five group ranges, being:-

  • The ARC-EO-BRA-100/2QH brazilwood student bow upgrade from a standard outfit
  • The ARC-E001-CAR affordable carbon fibre bow & #101 fine carbonfibre bow
  • The ARC-EO-BRA-101S-QH#420 top brazilwood grade.
  • The ARC-EO-PER-101S-QH#620 entry level arffordable pernambuco
  • The ARC-E-CAR-001 & 111 #401style Brown Plaid finish carbon fibre

Most Bow models are avaialble in a round stick option with carbon fibre being provided as standard.

The choice for design and material of bow extends to viola, cello and bass.

Further information downloads

All documents are supplied in the PDF format.

GDF can advise you on bow options and technologies – supplying both traditional hand crafted and cutting edge carbon fibre designs. 

The right bow can make such a huge difference to any player – from the practicality and cost-effectiveness of the student range, the exciting possibilities afforded by the latest carbon fibre alternatives, right through to the finest quality handmade brazilwood and pernambuco options which can hugely enhance any player’s style.

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