Children's instrument accessories

Enhance your playing and protect your instrument

GDF Violin’s Arcofacile range of accessories go hand in hand with the instruments and musicians they are complementing.

Some accessories such as strings are of course essential and cases important. But the Arcofacile range features some tried and tested and innovative items that can make life easier for the student and teacher, or enable a more experienced player to excel.

The word “Arcofacile” means “easy bowing” – the ethos behind the GDF approach.


Children’s bows

A good bow helps a young player to gain the playing and string crossing skills they need to improve grades and progress.

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Children’s strings

For the younger musician. A wide range of strings to suit all abilities and affordability – for violins, violas and cellos.

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Children’s cases

GDF provide a variety of cases designs and materials including oxford covered foam, plywood lined, ABS, fibreglass and carbon fibre.

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Children’s accessories

Those all-important extras for children’s violas, violins and cellos from GDF. Everything from tuners to rosins, shoulder rests to string tuners and mutes.

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GDF can provide regular support for schools and colleges with replacement parts, the regular supply of strings and a wide range of student facing accessories. 

Further products will shortly be available including chin rests and vibrato aids, rosins, mutes, sheet music stands and lighting.

GDF will also provide a range of corporately branded products that will enable your business, orchestra or group to attain a higher profile in an interesting and innovative fashion.

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