Arcofacile children's bows

ARC, ARCA and ARCO ranges available

A good bow is a tremendous help for a young player to help them to gain the playing and string crossing skills they need in order to improve grades and progress smoothly.

GDF’s standard first bows provide the ideal option for the first time young musician. The next step may be the purchase of a bow of superior quality or one made of carbon fibre.

Upgrading to higher standard bows

Carbon fibre bows are an affordable option, with the bonus of possessing a more resilient stick and and featuring bows with either a half lined or fully lined ebony frog. The stick is engineered synthetic material giving a consistent weight and balance in every bow model from that maker.

Brazilwood and Pernambuco Bows can be made with finer weight, balance and behaviour, thanks to the careful stick selection and years of experience of the bowmaker. The upper grades are exquisite to hold in the hand for the progressive player.

GDF’s bow upgrades are crafted entirely by skilled specialist bowmakers who are regular and reliable suppliers.

All GDF bows match the size of the intended instrument across the entire orchestral range.

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High quality wood and carbon fibre bows designed specifically to match the size of the children’s instrument.

Available in a range of styles, grades and materials.

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