Children's instrument cases


GDF supply a focussed and practical range of cases in addition to the standard OFT Outfits.

A variety of case upgrades enables young students to enjoy a more contemporary appearance with their instrument cases – without having to sacrifice the protective qualities that are so essential.

Light weight and high durability

Orchestral stringed instrument cases are as lightweight as possible as students frequently need to carry them long distances during the course of the day.

Many of GDF’s Arcofacile cases are lockable and have the ability to protect the instrument effectively. Some have a capacity for a number of accessories that may well be required, such as more bow clips, hygrometers, additional pockets and cavities for tuners and shoulder rests.

Variety of case materials

As well as a standard black, stringed instrument cases can also be supplied in duo-colours with a variety of inside colour options.

Materials can include:-

  • Oxford standard or coloured hi-foam – tapered or oblong shapes
  • Superlight shaped or oblong hi-density duo-coloured
  • Hard case – plywood lined ABS fibreglass carbon fibre.

Cellists can choose from:-

  • Padded soft bags – lightweight practical and space saving
  • Hard formed zip along fabric covered case with wheels
  • Duo-hi specification
  • Cocoon pliable shaped and slim-line case
  • Fibreglass – many colours and grades of material
  • Composite – a mix of carbon fibre materials
  • Unique patented ‘single locking – five point secure system’ on an ultra lightweight latest designer carbon fibre case.

A variety of bicycle-friendly cases and bags are available for violinists and viola players with specially made harnesses for the traveller by foot or bicycle.

Again, there are many colours to choose from.

Further information downloads

All documents are supplied in the PDF format.

Arcofacile cases for children’s violins, violas and cellos.

Available in a variety of materials, finishes and colours, they are the ideal combination of lightweight, easy to carry and robust.

Some violin and viola cases are even bicycle friendly!

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