Children's strings

LZS-F/F, D’Addario, DomEq, Alice, Fisoma and Charm ‘Kids’

GDF offer a good flexible choice of cost effective Kids replacement fractional sized strings that will cover all instrument sizes from 1/8, 3/4, 7/8 and 4/4 for taller children by Fisoma in the Goldtwistle and Quinton ranges made with a steel core and featuring different wound profiles made precisely to the perfect fifths string tones.

GDF supply a back up service of like for like or improved dynamic strings. A range featuring all fractional sizes is offered.

The originally factory fitted strings are a proven success with the makers instruments and very cost effective. Advice can be given by GDF regarding all replacements or potential upgrades.

String upgrades

The Charm and Opal range by For-Tune Strings are also easily available in all Kids’ sizes built with superior synthetic cores and a variety of alloys and finishes to the windings. Highly engineered with laboratory research and development focusing on all type and sizes for best playing tones and richness to the delight of the young advancing player.

Further information downloads

All documents are supplied in the PDF format.

GDF can advise you on both the appropriate set of strings for an instrument – and give you help with purchasing the most cost-effective options.

They can also advise when replacement strings are sought that match the manufacturer’s original offering.

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