SONOROSEMPRE Children's Violins

All SonoroSempre orchestral stringed instruments are supplied ready to play (RTP).


All sizes are covered in this cost-effective starter range of violins for younger musicians, enabling all age groups to make a rapid start and progress quickly.

All instruments across the Stratifie range visually conform with common aesthetic features, perfect for any projects and sponsorship donation of instruments. Being laminated, they are very resilient and look most attractive with their spruce veneer tops.

Many child-friendly features are included as standard, such as carbon-fibre tailpieces: they make fine tuning the strings very easy a very important consideration with regard to the short scale length of children’s violins.


The Etudiant range of violins feature all solid wood construction, which enables the production of a warm and colourful tone from an instrument that will steadily improve over time.

The Etudiant range is particularly suitable for schools and is available in a selection of five models which provide an increasing level of tonal quality and finish towards the top of the range.

An entry level student therefore has an exciting and appropriate section to choose from – all of which are available at a very affordable price.

The five model range is matched in style and tone across the SonoroSempre Etudiant range, with violins, violas and cellos all being available in a corresponding level of instrument.

Both the Etudiant and Stratifie ranges are always provided ‘Pret a Jouer’ – ready to play. The student simply needs to tune the instrument, simply rosin their bow and begin playing.


Every model in the Intermediate range is distinctive in looks and tonal colour.

Significant contributions to this section of fine instruments is made by a number of high quality manufacturers.

Many of our chosen and trusted makers’ models start at ‘Intermediate’ proving their commitment to making and keeping strict quality control from within their own factories under close scrutiny.

A good ‘entry level’ model is a true benchmark for their consistently progressive levels of a quality creation.

The models EIN1, EIN1-2, EIN2 and EIN3 come in all sizes and represent exciting progressive learning instruments for children, where a slightly higher budget can support an enhanced level of expectation.

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All documents are supplied in the PDF format.

GDF can supply many of their range of quality violins in a variety of different colours and even featuring engaging visual artwork.

Comfortable reach during playing and correct posture is vital.

It’s important to remember that a child grows out of their existing instrument NOT into their next one!

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