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An introduction by the owner of GDF Violins & Accessories

A warm welcome to you, my musical customers!

GDF violins and accessoriesWelcome to my all new website and the first series showcase of my new company and its products. My full name or even just Godfrey consists of the letters of my business name. Nothing unusual there except they lend themselves so well to my business name with the musical context. G and D the first two Major scales whilst the ‘f’ can be construed as fortissimo or simply the shape of the sound hole in the table of all orchestral stringed instruments!

A slow and determined effort to put together a great selection of Orchestral Stringed Instruments and Accessories for the education, student, teachers, advanced players and the orchestral market.

I extend a double welcome to not only my dedicated business of importing at grass roots the best available instruments hitherto unavailable in the UK and a viable range of essential accessories for easier playing.

As a part-time player in two adult orchestras, I felt that as taste is to cuisine, so sound and tone is to musical instruments.

SonoroSempre and Arcofacile

This is always true and there was born my instruments brand names – SonoroSempre meaning ‘always resonate’ and the complimentary all important accessories make life easier for the player, make for ‘easy bowing’ and playing hence their name Arcofacile – good bowing, posture, comfort, with stylish playing.

Finally, carry your instrument with pride giving more confidence to all players from beginner, musical explorer to accomplished player. I hope you like and can warm to my early ideas from the beginning!

Not only is SonoroSempre synonymous with good quality sounding instruments, but GDf Violins & Accessories is a reliable consistent company to deal with – and our new customers can expect the same quality against every order placed and every new satisfied player.

My company will build step by step from its early beginnings and be known for also fresh new ideas, new products with some worthwhile newly discovered instruments adding to the range on top of existing successful models throughout the world of music-making.

I am looking forward to meeting you, serving you and getting back your recognition for this highly rewarding range of violins, violas, cellos and basses under the SonoroSempre name.

I ask you to

Discover the joy of the SonoroSempre and Arcofacile brands.

Godfrey D FosterGDf Violins & Accessories.