Violins, violas, cellos and basses

Wonderfully rich tones and playability

The orchestral stringed instruments in GDF’s SonoroSempre range have been carefully selected to offer a complete range for players of all abilities and accomplishment from beginner and advancing student to accomplished orchestral musicians.

Ranges include the Stratifie – excellent value for money instrument level instruments – through to advanced and even bespoke instruments.


SonoroSempre violins

A complete range to all players from beginner, advancing student all the way up to accomplished orchestral players.

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Violas-by-GDF violins and accessories

SonoroSempre violas

Wonderfully rich sounds from these beautifully finished instruments. Even entry level instruments are ready to play.

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SonoroSempre cellos

A range suitable for every level of musician, from beginner and intermediate through to advanced and bespoke instruments.

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SonoroSempre basses

Maitre maestro, advanced, intermediate and entry level double basses. Contact GDF about made to order instruments.

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The SonoroSempre violin, viola, cello and bass range – wonderfully rich tones and playability are provided by these beautifully finished instruments.

All instruments across the range are supplied ready to play.

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