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Those all-important instrument accessories

GDF provide a comprehensive range of stringed instruments. There are instances when accessories can help your playing, protect your instrument – or just make life easier for the musician.

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Shoulder rests

GDF supply an innovative an comprehensive range of shoulder rests, which can hugely benefit playing styles.

Student rests

The range starts at student level traditional plastic adjustable shoulder rests by FOM. This very important and fully adjustable Flex polycarbonate range is designed to aid correct positioning, posture and playing comfort and is available in a wide range of attractive colours.

Intermediate level rests

The ‘S’ design affordable maple rests come in varnish shade choices, and features a range specifically produced for female musicians.

Elite range rests

Top finished beautifully made ‘Diamond’ rests give the player two different woods, fittings and shade finishes to help match their instrument.

Viola rests

All ranges are available in sizes to fit the Viola, with adjustment for bigger bouts. Working closely with the designer of the Flex model gives GDF access to new and innovative products as soon as they reach the market.

It’s all about posture and comfort as you play. With GDF shoulder rests you get more feel – and get closer to the music!

Precision fine tuners

The idea behind the fine tuning of strings is quite simple. Firstly the tail-piece that is fitted to the instrument must do a good job. Hold the strings in pitch, assuming secure pegging. They must be easy to adjust whatever fine tuning device is fitted, especially where less experienced players are concerned.

GEFT and GET fine tuners are intended to replace inferior tuners that are sometimes supplied on instruments not provided by GDF, who always specify as standard, carbon fibre tailpieces on their Stratifie, Etudiant and some Intermediare range of stringed orchestral instruments.

They are fitted with four adjustment screws making them easy to adjust ‘on the shoulder’ as the player tunes up.

GDF’s first grade instruments are fitted with securely fastened tailpiece from the gut wire to the pegs. Most importantly, the tailpiece screws do not bind up and become difficult to turn.

The GEFT and GET fine tuners can accommodate sizes from 1/4 up to 4/4 in the two sizes available.

Viola and cello

For viola and cello, a carefully selected traditional design is offered that will help alleviate any tuning problems that you may have.

Electronic tuners

Electronic tuners simply to clip onto the instrument, with a variety of models intended to help the less experienced player quickly and easily keep in tune.

Multi-function capabilities give to up to 4 scales on the instrument, plus a chromatic tuner with adjustable frequency and rotating screen for easy viewing.

Easy to use and intuitative.

Some models glow green when in tune, again ideal for young players to confidently use without the supervision of a teacher.

Suitable for all stringed instruments in the GDF range.

Swing String

String Swing is an innovative clamp that fits onto the music stand.

A soft lined holder keeps the violin or viola in safely in place together with a soft prong to slot the bow’s frog onto then all is kept in its place.

It features a versatile clamp, making it suitable for a variety of music stand and tables.

Perfect for long rests in the music and safe to leave during intervals.

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Accessories can help solve problems and make playing easier for all levels of musician. 

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