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Children’s orchestral stringed instrument accessories

GDF provide a carefully selected range of Arcofacile orchestral stringed instrument accessories for children’s violins, violas and cellos.

GDF offer a fuss-free supply service of replacement consumable parts together with upgrades across all the accessory range.

Please see our individual pages for children’s bowsstrings and cases.

Shoulder rests


GDF supply an innovative an comprehensive range of children’s shoulder rests, which can hugely benefit playing styles.

Shoulder rests are an essential accessory that enable the correct positioning of the violin or viola correctly together in that space between chin and shoulder.

Entry level rests

For matching suitable shoulder rests to lower cost instruments, the FOM plastic adjustable smooth ‘S’ design shape will prove the ideal budget option. They adjust easily, fit securely and add little to the weight or feel as playing takes place – playing ‘without fuss’.

Flex polycarbonate

The upgrade to the standard shoulder rest is our Flex polycarbonate slightly twisted ‘S’ design uniquely designed. Fully stocked in all sizes down to 1/16 up to 3/4 – 4/4 in a wide range of seven attractive colours to suit all boy’s and girl’s tastes!

They feature a unique tempered sprung arm adjustable in the back and forth positioning, allowing the student to get the violin and the rest snugly closer to the neck, not vaguely on the shoulder! The rest hardly feels there and springs gently with the player’s movement of  the body, essential to express and play in a much more relaxed manner a more difficult piece to play.

Extra fine string tuners


The idea behind the fine tuning of strings is quite simple. Firstly the tail-piece that is fitted to the instrument must do a good job. Hold the strings in pitch, assuming secure pegging. They must be easy to adjust whatever fine tuning device is fitted, especially where younger players are concerned.

GEFT and GET fine tuners are intended to replace inferior tuners that are sometimes supplied on instruments not provided by GDF, who always specify as standard, carbonfibre tailpieces on their Stratifie, Etudiant and some Intermediare range of stringed orchestral instruments.

They are fitted with four adjustment screws making them easy to adjust ‘on the shoulder’ as the young player tunes up.

GDF’s first grade instruments are fitted with securely fastened tailpiece from the gut wire to the pegs. Most importantly, the tailpiece screws do not bind up and become impossible for young hands to turn.

The GEFT and GET fine tuners can accommodate sizes from ¼ up to 4/4 in the two sizes available.

Electronic fine tuners

It is so frustrating when a young student spends a long time attempting to tune an instrument, becoming discourage by the amount of time that it takes before they can even begin to play.

An electronic fine tuner can enable them to be up and running in the fastest possible time.

Easy to use and intuitive.

A simple fuss-free choice for all instruments greatly assists young players to tune up independently and practice!

All GDF’s electronic tuners (with the exception of one that is provided specifically for violins only), are multi-instrument capable for guitar, ukulele, bass, chromatic scale C and violin.

All tuners are compact and should fit neatly inside your instrument case.

Children's mutes

A safe to apply, attractively coloured and well weighted mute is a useful addition to any young person’s stringed instrument case.

A mute enables a young musician to practice with confidence, knowing that mistakes and potentially irritating (for other) repetitions will go unnoticed by others in the school or household.

They are small three slotted units which, because you put them on the bridge and take them off completely without snapping it flat, which then adds the inconvenience or replacement and retuning.

Cello spike holder


The clever ‘Tri-Pad’ cello spike holder is made of transparent polycarbonate, the same material and manufacturer as the very popular Flex violin and viola shoulder rest. It is highly anti-slide and is very secure on slipper floors such as those found in many churches.

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Arcofacile children’s orchestral instrument accessories can help solve problems and make playing easier for all levels of young musician. 

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