PKV accessories and luthiers tools

Accessories and tools by Petz Kolophonium Vienna

GDF are delighted to offer a complete range of Petz Kolophonium Vienna (PKV) Luthier’s tools and top branded instrument accessories from one of Europe’s leading expert stockists.

Stock is announced at 90% ready to ship and all shipping is quick and mostly free-shipping service, except larger items. What’s more, GDF can offer any of the items listed in the PDF catalogues shown below without requiring minimum order quantities.

Only UK postage charges will be applied. 

Accessories for players and teachers

Violin strings

Violin strings »

Look no further than GDf V&A for all your preferred violin string sets and single strings. A very comprehensive range from old favourites to the very latest high-technical strings focussed on the violin from the market leading brands always going to innovate!

Corelli Cantiga – Corelli New Crystal – Corelli Alliance Vivace – Corelli – D’Addario Prelude – D’Addario Ascente – D’Addario Pro Arte – D’Addario Helicore – D’Addaro Zyex-composite – D’Addario NS Electric – Hill – Jargar – Jargar Superior – Kaplan Amo – Kaplan Vivo – Kaplan Golden Spiral – Kaplan Solutions – Larsen – Larsen Tzigane – Larsen Virtuosoo – Larsen Il Cannone – Larsen Il Cannone Soloist – Optima Goldbrokat – Optima Goldbrokat Premium Steel – Optima Goldbrokat Premium 24K gold – Optima Goldbrokat Premium Brassed Steel – Prim – Prim Lisa – Pirastro Oliv – Pirastro Oliv-Stiff – Pirastro Passione – Pirastro Passione Solo – Pirastro Eudoxa – Pirastro Eudoxa-Stiff – Pirastro Chorda – Pirastro Gold – Pirastro Perpetual – Pirastro Evah Pirazzi Gold – Pirstro Evah Pirazzi – Pirastro Violino – Pirastro Obligato – Pirastro Synoxa – Pirastro Tonica – Pirastro Tonica Gold Label – Pirastro Eudoxa-Aricore – Pirastro Aricore – Pirastro Flexocor Permanent – Pirastro Eudoxa Chromor – Pirastro Violin No.1 – Pirastro Chromcor – Pirastro Piranito – Pirastro Wondertone Solo – Thomastik Infeld Blue – Thomastik Infeld Red – Thomastik Lakatos – Thomastik Dominant – Thomastik Peter Infeld – Thomastik Vision – Thomastik Vision Solo – Thomastik Vision Titanium Solo – Thomastik Vision Titanium Orchestra – Thomastik Spirit! – Thomastik Alphayue – Thomastik Spirocore – Thomastik Prazision – Thomastik Special E – Thomastik Superflexible – Warchal Amber – Warchal Brilliant – Warchal Brilliant Vintage – Warchal Karneol – Warchal Avantgarde – Warchal Russian Style – Warchal Nefrit – Warchal Ametyst – Westminster.

Viola strings

Viola strings »

As in all other Orchestral stringed instruments the Violas range of favourite makes of Strings are covered both in String Sets and Single Strings.

Corelli Alliance – Corelli Cantiga – Corelli New Crystal – Corelli Crystal – D’Addario Ascente – D’Addario Zyex – D’Addario Pro Arte – D’Addaro Helicore – Kaplan Forza – Kaplan Solutions – Kaplan Amo – Kaplan Vivo – Jargar – Jargar Superior – Larsen – Larsen Virtuoso – Larsen Virtuoso Soloist – Pirastro Passione – Pirastro Oliv – Pirastro Oliv-Stiff – Pirastro Eudoxa – Pirastro Eudoxa-Stiff – Pirastro Chorda – Pirastro Evah Pirazzi – Pirastro Evah Pirazzi Gold – Pirastro Obligato – Pirastro Tonica – Pirastro Permanent – Pirastro Chromocor – Pirastro Chromcor Plus – Pirastro Piranito – Prim – Thomastik Peter Infeld – Thomastik Dominant – Thomastik Vision -Thomastik Vision Solo – Thomastik Alphayue – Thomastik Belcanto – Thomastik Spirocore – Thomastik Superflexible – Thomastik Prazision – Warchal Amber – Warchal Brilliant – Warchal Karneol.

Cello strings

Cello strings »

All major brands are available here including the more difficult to find in stock. Because there is no minimum order the customer can rest assured that any single, as well as a whole sets are easily available and quickly too.

Correli Stahl – D’Addario – Pro Arte – Helicore – NS Electric – Jargar – Jarger Special – Jargar Young Talent – Jargar Superior – Kaplan Solutions – Larsen – Larsen Soloist – Larsen Magnicore – Crown – Pirastro Passione – Pirastro Oliv – Pirastro Eudoxa – Pirastro Chorda – Pirastro gold – Pirastro Perpetual – Pirastro Perpetual soloist – Pirastro Perpetual Edition – Pirastro Evah Pirazzi – Evah Pirazzi Gold – Pirstro Evah Pirazzi soloist – PirastroObligato – Pirastro Permanent – Pirastro Permanent Soloist – Pirastro Chromcor – Pirastro Chromcor Plus – Pirastro Piranito – Pirastro Flexicor – Piatti – Prim – Thomastik Versum – Thomastik Versum Solo – Thomastik Belcanto – Thomastik Belcanto Gold – Thomastik Dominant – Thomastik Spirocore – Thomastik Spirit! – Thomastik Alphayue – Thomastik Prazision – Thomastik Superflexible – Warchal Amber – Warchal Brilliant.

Bass Strings

Bass Strings »

All your favourite Bass strings quickly when you need them at competitive prices.

Corelli 370 Orchestra – Corelli 360 Solo – Corelli 380 Orchestra – Corelli 390 Solo – D’Addario Helicore Pizzicato – D’Addario Helicore Hybrid – D’Addario Helicore Orchestral – D’Addario Helicore Solo – D’Addario Zyex – D’addario NS Electric Traditional – D’Addario NS Electric Contemporary – Kaplan – KaplanSolo – Jargar – Pirastro Oliv – Pirastro Eudoxa – Pirastro Chorda – Pirastro Evah Pirazzi Slap – Pirastro Evah Pirazzi – Pirastro Evah Pirazzi Solo – Pirastro Obligato – Pirastro Obligato Solo – Pirastro Obligato Fifth Tuning – Pirastro Passione – Pirastro Passione Solo – Pirastro Perpetual Orchestra – Pirastro Perpetual Solo – Pirastro Permanent – Pirastro Permanent Solo – Pirastro Flexocor Orchestra – Pirastro Flexocor Solo – Pirastro Flexocor Deluxe – Pirastro Flexocor Deluxe Solo – Pirastro Original Flexocor – Pirastro Flat Chromesteel Orchestra – Pirastro Flat Chromesteel Solo – Pirastro Original Flat Chrome Orchestra – Pirastro Original Flat Chrome Solo – Pirastro The Jazzer – Thomastik Dominant Orchestra – Thomastik Dominant Solo – Thomastik Belcanto – Thomastik Belcanto Solo – Thomastik Spirocore Orchestra – Thomastik Spirocore Orchestra 3/4, 1/2, 1/4 – Thomastik Spirocore Solo – Thomastik Superflexible Orchestra – Thomastik Superflexible Solo – Thomastik Prazision Orchestra – Thomastik Prazision Solo.

Special strings including electric, erhu, oud, mand viola and amour

Special strings including electric, erhu, oud, mand viola and amour »

In addition to all your favourite strings and string sets for orchestral stringed instruments there is a brief range by one leading manufacturer for alternative stringed instruments – by Thomastik & Pirastro.

Thomastik Erhu – Thomastik Erhu Solo – Thomastik Viola D’Amore – Pirastro Viola D’Amore – Thomastik Mandolin – Thomastik Mandola – Thomastik Oud.

Tailpieces for violin, viola and cello

Tailpieces for violin, viola and cello »

Like the pegs the tailpieces are a vital part and match to the instrument. This comprehensive collection will cover style, period and modern innovative designs. Made from various traditional woods and composite materials to suit all budgets giving the vital finishing touch. The tailpiece is the fine tuning controller influencing tones and balance to the highest levels.

Violin – Viola – Cello – Bass – Ebony – Rosewood – Boxwood – Round – Rhomboid – Hill – Acurameister French style – Acurameister Hil model – Tempel French – Tempel English – Otto Tempel model – Moser Flex – Ulsa – Pusch – Wittner Hi-Tec Synthetic – 5 fine tuner tailpiece – Akusticus – Petz – Kevlar tailpiece hanger – Wittner tailpiece Hanger (Gut wire) – Ulsa gut wire – Akusticus tailipiece gut wire – Replacement synthetic fine tuning screws only.

Fine tuners for violin, viola and cello

Fine tuners for violin viola and cello »

It is vital to choose carefully the right design and style of fine tuner to suit both your instrument and its tailpiece. Apart from the selected fine tuners in Arcofacile Accessories section here are further branded models and highly precise versions to fit Violin, Viola & Cello.

Wittner – Mberg precise – Model Quick – Model Fix – Model Hill – GEFT Easy Fine Tuner – Traditional Designed.

Chin rests for violin and viola

Chin rests for violin and viola »

A comprehensive selection of all know and genuine branded chin rests in all designs in both traditional ebony and nano plastic anti-allergic 3 D adjustable for Violin and Viola.

By Wolf Dolce – Wittner – Viva La Musica – Hi-Tec Synthetic – Hill – Dresden – Dresden Hill Screws – Guarneri Hill Screws – Guarneri – Joachim – Flesch – Old Flesch – London – Kauffman – Lima – Strad – Stuber – Tekka – Hubermann – Priska – Hamburg – Vermeer – Ohrenform – Ohrenform Adjustable – Acurameister – Tempel – Strad Pad – Leather Clamp Cover – The Chinrest Lip – Replacement Clamps and Screws – Cork Sheet.

Shoulder rests for violin and viola

Shoulder rests for violin and viola »

There are so manty different designs of shoulder rest to aid the player and so it will not be surprising to find most of them available here from young student to mature player looking for additional playing comfort, ease and posture.

Acousta Grip – Cello Chest Rest – Fiolosofen – Bonmusica – Bonmusica with Special Sizes – Kun Super – Kun Original – Kun Collapsible – Kun Junior Collapsible – Kun Mini – Kun Solo – Kun Bravo – Kun Bravo Collapsible – Kun Voce – Mach One – Mach One Synthetic – Petz – Pirastro KorfkerRest – Playonair – Viva La Musica Standard – Viva La Musica Artist – Viva La Musica Professional – Viva La Musica Augustin – Viva La Music Diamond – Viva La Musica Original – Viva La Musica Flex – Wolf Forte Secondo – Wolf Forte Primo – Wlof Standard Secondo – Wittner Isny – Replacement Parts for Bonmusica, Kun, Mach One, Viva La Musica, Wolf.

Player accessories, instrument bowing

Player accessories, instrument bowing »

A concise range of very useful when needed items and good idea designs. The accessories are problem solving and stress relieving to wrists, tendon etc. Here are the list of Bowing Mutes from simple to highly designed maintaining a high level of sound quality under suppression and for a more beautiful orchestral combination.

Dampit Hymidifiers snakes – Stretto Humidifier – CelloGard laid down on edge support – Detailed Instrument Stand Violin, Cello – MS120 Easy Open sheet music stand   ABC Arm Bow Corrector – Things4Strings Bow Hold Guide – Bow Stopper – Virtuoso Wrist Support – Vituoso Rascal Wrist Support and fourth finger stretch trainer – C-Clip Protector on the bowing rim – Alpine mute – Ebony mute – Tourte Bech rubber mute – Specal designs of mute – Metal practice mutes – Ultra rubber mute 5 teeth – Wire mute – Wolf tones resonator – Wolf tone tube – Wolf Tone Eliminator – Moser Wolf Tone Eliminator.

Instrument care: rosins polishes for violin viola and cello

Instrument care: rosins polishes for violin viola and cello »

An easy hassle-free way to reach for those important care products to keep the beloved instrument looking and smelling its best! 

Care by Nature Works – Bellacura – Hill – Luthier – Super Nikco – Eau Japonaise – Petz – Pirastro – Viol – Toegear – Lautus Lute antique.

Polish by Old Wood – Italian Cream, Polish, Special Polish, Ebony polish.

Rosins by Bernadel – Carlsson – Colophane2000 – Gon Pops – Guillaume – Hidersine – Hill – Jade – Kaplan – Kolstein – Larsen – Liebenzeuer – Melos – Millnt-Deroux – Nyman – Pecatte – Petz – Pirastor-Salchow – Strad – Thomastik – Yumba. 

Cases and bags for violins, violas and cellos

Cases and bags for violins, violas and cellos »

A collection of the latest colours and designs of top quality instrument cases from practical student to affordable and easy to use for the busy player to the very top professional ‘designer’ style high security cases with GPS tracking.

Arcofacile Oxford fabric tapered and oblong student – Foam – Plywood – ABS – Polycarbonate – EVA – Carbonfibre – Fibreglass – GL cases GL replacement parts – Negri  – Musafia – Cello Fibreglass – Bass cases & bags – Superlight Carbon – Multiple Violin cases – multiple violin(4/6/8) cases for transporting compactly – Violin/Viola twin case – High security GPS enabled Case spare straps – Bow tubes – Back Pack system by Fiedler – Interior bags for violin, viola – Cello bags – KCNC Bass buggy. 

Designer case models by Negri are Milano GPS – Venexzia GPS – Diplomat – Milano – Venezia – Firenze – Negri Classic – Milano Double case – Venezia Violin + Viola GPS

Accessories for luthiers

Bridges for violin, viola and cello

Bridges for Violin, Viola and Cello »

A comprenhensive range of all styles and types of Violin, Viola, Cello and Bass bridges in all sizes for luthier fitment. Most familiar brands.

Aubert stamp, Oval Stamp, Luxe, Baroque, Adjustable micro feet – Moser patented mechanism – Teller – Milo Stam – Grand Luthai Cremona Bridges for Violin – Bridges for Viola – Bridges for Cello – Bridges for Double Bass.

Buttons and endpins for violin viola and cello »

Buttons and endpins for violin viola and cello »

All the traditinal types, designs and styles from all the familair names to help you match or build the next project. All high technical acoustic End Pins for cello can be found here. 

Violin and Viola Buttons – Violin English model –  Parisien Eye –  Golden Pin – Tempel – Insight Acurameister – End Pin remover for Violin, Viola.

Cello End Pin – Bender Carbon, Bender Titan – Ulmer – ULSA Kids – ULSA – Chrome, Satin black, Titan – USA Titan Gold – Weidler – Petz & Petz Carbon.

Bass End Pin – Bender – Bender Titan Gold – ULSA, Ulsa Solid, Hard Chrome, Solitair – Petz – Weidler.

Replacement Parts for Cello and Bass End Pins for Bender, ULSA, Ulmer tips, Rods, Clamps, Rings, Threaded Tips.

Black Hole – Viva La Musica Tri-Pad – Rubber Pin end cover – End Pin Chair Leg Anchor.

Pegs for violin, viola and cello

Pegs for violin, viola and cello »

A wonderful selection of Pegs for instrument repair, restoration or just repalcement pegs. These cover design and period by country, style, different woods and adornment. Bought as singles or sets of matching tailpiece and button. Just a single traditional peg to a high tech composite geared design for at the scroll string tuning. Matching tailpieces and button completes the style and look.

Violin Viola & Cello – French Pegs – Swiss Pegs – Parisien Eye – Parisien Eye Swiss – Swiss Rhomboid Inlay – Hill – Heart Shape – French Gold/Oliv – Baroque – Mirecourt – Antique – Acurameister Hill – Acurameister Heart Shape – Tempel English model – Tempel Heart Shape – Tempel Swiss – Otto Tempel – Tempel Antiqued/Baroque – Sets of Pegs, Tailpiece and Endpin/Button – Acurameister Sets – Wittner Fine Tuning Pegs Set or Single – Wittner FT Peg Winder.

Luthier tooling and instrument parts

Luthier tooling »

Luthier instrument parts »

A full range of luthier tooling and instrument parts for making all the orchestral stringed instruments and repairs. Additional new brands of tooling are added to the 20/21 catalogue. Many of the luthiers familiar tools and designs are listed here.

Grand Liutai Patterns Mold kits – Kaiser Cork Forms – Kaiser Clamping Corks – Pahler Maple Set – Pahler Spruce Top – Scrolled necks with fingerboard – Scrolled necks carved only no pilot holes or fingerboard – Neck milled only – Indian Ebony Fingerboard for Violin, Viola, Cello, Bass – Tempel Sound Post – Pahler Sound Post – Bushing – Tempel Bushing – Pahler Linings – Pahler Bassbar – Pahler Blocks & Corners – Nut – Saddle – Moser Bass Saddle height adjustable – Hosco Luthier Knives – Kunz Burnisher – Stubai Gouges – Stubai Chisels – Stubai Stock Chisels – Files – Pferd Rasps – Petz Reamers – Kunz Planes – CAG Planes – Ibex Planes – CAG Finger Planes – Petz Finger Planes – Saws – Edge Clamp – CAG Clamp for linings – Ulsa Crack Clip – Petz Crack Clip – Crack Clamp – Ulsa Titan Crack Clamp – Crack Gluing Clamp – Petz Gluing Clamp – Petz Clamps – Ulsa Sound Post setter – Ulsa Sound Post Hammer – Flex and Micromesh Abrasives – Micro Mesh Soft Touch Pads – Japanese Ceramic Stones – Endpin Remover – Eyeleteer – Purfling Cutter – Bending Irons & Straps – Carving Mallet – Fingerboard Bracket – Patent Mechanism – String Winder for Wittner Pegs only – Bridge Leg Expander – Peg Sharpener/Shaver – Caliper for Sound Post heights – Measuring Devices – Compass Divider.

Luthier brushes stains colours and varnishes

Luthier brushes stains colours and varnishes »

A good range of the necessary luthier varnishing brushes and stains corresponding to the working practices used in violin, viola, cello and bass restoration finish and repair jobs.

Habico – Old Wood  – Italian Golden Ground – Doratura Minerale – Imprimitura Minerale – Refractive Ground.

Oil Varnish – Classical Amber – Brescia Brown – Cremona Varnish – Italian Varnish.

Oil Colours – Alcohol Colours – Polish – Other Old Wood Products – Raw Materials.

Bow accessories: hair cases, bowmaker

Bow accessories: hair cases, bowmaker »

A great place to find all those Paulus bow making items to either start from scratch or completing your next Bow masterpiece, you can but all you favourite   Paulus parts here.

Paulus – Slides, Eyes, Parisien Eyes, Rings, Buttons, Bow Screws, Nuts, Tip Wedges, Frog Mortise Plugs, Ferrules, Underslides, Bow Frogs, Pads, Leather, Winding, Bow tips, Bow Protectors in transit.

Bow Hair – Mongolian White best grades, Mongolian “One Bow” single pack, Mongolian Black best grades Stallion.

Bow Cases – Single, Double, Multiple Bows 4,6,12,24.

Petz Vienna

Petz Kolophonium Vienna

PKV accessories

GDF’s commitment to providing a specialised service to all areas of the orchestral stringed instruments sector is to offer a comprehensive range of well-known branded stringed instrument accessories for violin, viola, cello and double bass.

Luthier’s tooling

Along with all these easy to obtain products comes the necessary tooling required by the qualified luthier.

The range of PKV accessories available from GDF Violins is hardly known in the UK, yet has a 100 year history of supplying to mainland Europe.

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