PKV accessories and luthiers tools

Accessories and tools by Petz Kolophonium Vienna

GDF are delighted to offer a complete range of Petz Kolophonium Vienna (PKV) Luthier’s tools and top branded instrument accessories from one of Europe’s leading expert stockists.

Stock is announced at 90% ready to ship and all shipping is quick and mostly free-shipping service, except larger items. What’s more, GDF can offer any of the items listed in the PDF catalogues shown below without requiring minimum order quantities.

Only UK postage charges will be applied. 

Accessories by Petz Kolophonium Vienna

KCNC Bass Buggie: for double bass transport over a distance.

ETUIS cases: featuring the ‘Pump Up system for cello and double bass Etuis case’ which takes up cavity spaces to give safer snug fit in transportation.

Fielder Back Pack system: for nearly all cello cases.

Paulus Bow Frog: accessories slides, eyes, button screw, eyelets, frogs, pads, leathers, windings, bow tips.

Strings: the A to Z source for every make of string from Corelli to Warchal not already stocked by GDF. Instruments covered are – violin, viola, cello, bass.

Special strings: Thomastik Violin Special E, Viola D’Amore, Pirastro Viola D’Amore, Thomastik mandolin, mandola and oud.

Rosin: all makes from Bernardel to Thomastik and all blends in between for all instruments.

Care products: including Bellacura, Hill, Luthier, Pirastro and Viol.

Antique care products: specialist products to care for these precious instruments, such as Lautus, Lute, Antique and Old Wood.

Shoulder rests: not already covered by GDF extensive range: Acousta Grip, a self adhesive pad system, Belvelin, BonMusica, Kun and the Wittner Isny system.

Chin rests: a complete range for the Luthier. Please refer to the PDF price list below to see such a range of top brands and designs.

Tailpieces and gut wires: a complete range for the Luthier. Please refer to the PDF price list below to see such a range of top brands and designs.

Wittner Hi-Tec: synthetic tailpiece system.

Fine tuners to the tailpiece: for violin, viola and cello by Wittner, Ulsa and Hill.

Pegs: for violin, viola and cello. Please refer to the PDF price list below to see such a range of top brands and designs.

Wittner peg system: for violin, viola and cello.

Sloane: bass geared machine adjustment system.

Buttons/end pins: for violin, viola and cello. All modern and period styles and designs. Please refer to the PDF price list below

Bridges: for violin, viola and cello. Aubert, Milo Stamm, Teller.

Moser: patented cello and bass bridge height adjuster in situ of the instrument’s table.

Humidifiers: straps, case parts.

Bowing aids for children: wrist supports, fourth finger positioning aids, mutes of all designs, wolf illuminators.

The Realist pick-Up and microphone sound system: for violin, viola and cello.

Tools for the luthier by Petz Kolophonium Vienna
  • Hosco knives, Kunz burnishers, Stubai gouges and chisels,
  • All sizes of files, rasps, planes, finger planes, Kovax sanding cloth paper.
  • Micro-mesh, saws, clamps and crack repair.
  • Sound post setters and hammers.
  • Measuring devices, Habico brushes.
  • Peg shaving tools, cork forms, clamping cork.
  • End pin removers, purfling cutters, bending heaters.
  • Carving mallets, tring winders, bridge leg expanders and dividers.

Wooden parts

  • Pahler tonewoods maple and spruce
  • Scroll Necks complete with fingerboard
  • Scroll necks without fingerboard either carved or milled
  • Indian ebony finger boards
  • Sound posts and bushings by Pahler & Tempel.
  • Linnings, Bassbar, blocks and corners.

Nuts, saddles, Moser patented bass saddle adjustment on the instrument system.

All grounds, varnishes and colourings – please refer to the pdf.file for details of makes and colours available.

Oils, polishes, alcohol colours and Old Wood restoration products also available.

Further information downloads

All documents are supplied in the PDF format.

Petz Vienna

Petz Kolophonium Vienna

PKV accessories

GDF’s commitment to providing a specialised service to all areas of the orchestral stringed instruments sector is to offer a comprehensive range of well-known branded stringed instrument accessories for violin, viola, cello and double bass.

Luthier’s tooling

Along with all these easy to obtain products comes the necessary tooling required by the qualified luthier.

The range of PKV accessories available from GDF Violins is hardly known in the UK, yet has a 100 year history of supplying to mainland Europe.

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