Arcofacile strings

A fresh approach to strings

The finest quality Arcofacile strings featuring familiar and less familiar brands available with a choice of cores and windings – all manufactured with the finest available high end materials developed in the sound laboratory. 

Standard ‘factory fitted’ strings to replace like-for-like the strings that were originally supplied with the instrument. They are available at competitive prices, making them ideal for music hubs re-stringing on very tight budgets.

Brands include: –

  • D’Addario*
  • Alice GRMI
  • APGW (DomEq)
  • Fisoma by Lenzner – Goldtwistle* & Quinton*
  • ‘Supersolo’ gut strings
  • Charm*, Opal* & Titan by For-Tune Strings.

*Denotes that all these strings are available as sets or individual strings as relacements.

The Glv, Glva, Glc & Gldb factory fitted strings are also available in sets or individual strings.

See also the children’s accessories section.

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All documents are supplied in the PDF format.

GDF can advise you on both the appropriate set of strings for an instrument – and give you help with purchasing the most cost-effective options.

They can also advise when replacement strings are sought that match the manufacturer’s original offering.

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