All SonoroSempre orchestral stringed instruments are supplied ready to play (RTP).

The Violas in the GDF range have been carefully selected to offer a complete range to all players from beginner, advancing student all the way up to accomplished orchestral players. 

The Stratifie

The SomoroSempre range begins with the value-for-money laminate Stratifie range – instruments which, despite their modest prices tag, provide a sweet sound and high degree of playability.

Covering all sizes and a choice of finish in 4/4 size, these entry level models are all carefully set up RTP (Ready To Play). 

The Etudiant

The Etudiant range is made entirely from solid spruce and maple and is particularly suitable for schools. This entry level selection is available in five distinctive options which gives the player a dynamic selection to choose from. These German, Japanese and Beijing upper range models provide an increasing level of tonal quality and finish.

The sound and resonance of solid wood instruments tends to improve as they’re played in – making the sound even more appealing as time goes by.

The entry level student therefore has an exciting and appropriate section to choose from – all of which are available at a very affordable price.

The five model range is matched in style and tone across the SonoroSempre Etudiant range, with violins, violas and cellos all being available in a corresponding level of instrument.

Again, all instruments in this range are set up RTP (Ready To Play). 

The Intermediare

The Intermediare range gives the advancing player an exciting opportunities to really progress – at very attractive prices. Intermediare models will enable a musician to benefit from a smooth transition from middle to higher grades, whilst being able to enjoy an excellent playing experience.

At this level, the SonoroSempre range blossoms out to give real choices to the player from a number of carefully selected makers. Intermediare is a big step forward from the popular Etudiant models, as a result of a combination of the increasing level of craftsmanship and longer aged tonewoods.

This intermediate range also allows a good player to develop the tonal quality with alternative strings. It’s also very suitable for the enthusiastic adult player wishing to enjoy the same playability and quality of tone as other players in an orchestra.

Again, all instruments in this range are set up RTP (Ready To Play). 

Advanced violas

A great selection of more advanced instruments from a variety of makers further expands the choice and tonal diversity that GDF can offer as a specialist supplier of orchestral stringed instruments.

At least seven individual models are available beginning with the Statifie, Etudiant and Intermediare ranges, leading to the more aspirational premier quality ranges including:-

  • Avance
  • Progressif
  • Maitre Maestro.

Many of these models are made from European sourced tonewoods which are nonetheless available at highly competitive prices.

GDF are continually searching for exciting additional makers to be included in their list of trusted suppliers when they present interesting variations to the range – adding rich tones, colours, finishes, embelishments, styles and a high quality feel and build.

Downloadable catalogues for the GDF violin range will be available to download shortly in a one click PDF format.

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The SonoroSempre Viola range – wonderfully rich sounds from these beautifully finished instruments.

GDF provides a well focussed selection for the discerning viola player, whatever their level of ability.

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